Wireless LAN

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How Wireless LAN will benefit your business:

Whether you’re a retailer looking to provide in-store Wi-Fi that enables a more seamless customer experience, a manufacturer looking to get better visibility of your stock from distribution centre to retail outlet or a charity looking to give your volunteers more flexibility in where and how they work as well as forming closer relationships with your supporters, we can help you build a wireless network solution that fits your business perfectly.

From single to multiple access points across a single location, to fully integrated wireless local area networks across multiple geographic sites, our Wireless LAN solutions are easily deployed and managed from the cloud, giving you the flexibility and control you need.     

Seamlessly extend the reach of your network: The removal of wired connections allows you to open up your network to parts of your business in hard to reach locations such as factory floors, warehouses, showrooms or areas traditionally difficult to lay network cables to. Make more efficient use of your workspace by providing network connectivity across the whole of your premises, and give every area hot desk potential.

Anywhere, anytime network access: Improve real-time collaboration, sharing of information throughout your business and customer service by giving your employees the ability to access their emails, work applications and information wherever they are, at any time and on the devices they prefer to use. Improve the productivity and mobility of your workforce and use the flexible and progressive working environment that wireless working brings to attract and keep the best talent.

Guarantee your network security and reliability: Extending your network beyond physical Ethernet ports naturally raises questions about security, especially when it comes toBring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices in the workplace. However our wireless access points come with built in enterprise-grade security measures and data encryption that are constantly kept up to date to keep your company data safe. Through Mobile Device Management (MDM), provide access to only those you choose and grant permissions by user type to differentiate employees from partners, visitors or customer access to a value-added Internet service.

Centralised management and network monitoring: Traditional fully managed wireless solutions required a range of costly management tools located on site and at the management centre; needing high capital and OPEX costs, as well as skilled resources to monitor them. As part of our Wireless LAN service, we provide access to hosted management tools for a single licence fee per wireless access point that includes software and limited hardware support. This includes a simple and intuitive management portal to allow a detailed overview of network users, their application activity and user reports/analysis.

Simple installation and maintenance needs: Compared to the extensive physical infrastructure requirements of a wired local area network, our Wireless LAN solution only requires the installation of wireless access points where needed. This huge reduction in physical equipment makes installation and maintenance much simpler, meaningless time to implement, less resource dedicated to network upkeep and less overall cost associated with your network in general.

Easily scale your network as you grow: Our Wireless LAN solution offers a flexible upgrade path to always give you the right level of network infrastructure you need, without the costly upgrade charges. Wireless access points can be added to your current wired network in minutes to account for office expansions and new user additions or to upgrade to more sophisticated wireless hardware as it becomes available. We can help you with a range of configurations from small peer-to-peer networks, to full wireless networks supporting thousands of users over a broad area.

How Wireless LAN works:

With the explosion in mobile device usage in all walks of life; whether as a consumer, enterprise business use, hospitals, retail stores or sports arenas, users are increasingly demanding instant access to the information they need through Wi-Fi networks. This is putting a strain on the capacity, resiliency and security of existing networks and also creates new issues for network managers in meeting these demands.

Our Wireless LAN solutions provide a secure, scalable and cost-effective upgrade to your existing network and are made up of two simple, yet very effective components;

  • The physical network equipment at your site, including wireless access points, LAN switches and security switches.
  • A centralised, cloud-based management facility with device and application visibility, real-time web-based diagnostics and network monitoring and reporting; accessed by your own dedicated administration portal.

We offer full consultation, setup and migration support where required to make sure you get the best wireless infrastructure for your business.




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