Inbound Call Management

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How Inbound Call Management will benefit your business:

More than a simple call routing engine: Our feature-rich Inbound Call Management service gives you complete control of your inbound services and the ability to truly deliver on your customer service promises. Enjoy a wealth of call features including routing, queuing, recording, hunt group, multi-level IVR and blacklisting/whitelisting.

Straightforward setup: While setting up an on-premise inbound call platform can be a lengthy, complex process, Inbound Call Management is a fully network-based service that requires no on-premise hardware, significantly reducing setup time. Our service has been designed and built using industry-leading systems and software. And, as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solution, Inbound Call Management is always on, so you can manage your customer contact strategy in real-time through our online portal.

Flexible, intuitive portal: Configure your service to your unique needs with our powerful online portal. Build your service from a range of standard and advanced calling features and add in your own individual routing plans on a per-number basis. Any changes can be made easily with the click of a button. To help you get started, the portal comes with a comprehensive library of “how to” training guides and videos.

Low provisioning and running costs: Inbound Call Management gives you the same flexibility and choice when it comes to managing your costs, as it does when it comes to your inbound calls. Setting up and running on-premise inbound call solutions is traditionally an expensive route to managing customer experience. Inbound Call Management removes a lot of these unnecessary costs, making it much easier to implement, while our simple pricing structure makes inbound calling flexible, predictable and easy to budget for.

Accessible anytime, anywhere: Remote access to your inbound contact centre frees up your business or organisation to work flexibly, and removes geographical barriers to recruitment. Being a fully hosted service, Inbound Call Management frees you from hardware restraints and lets your call handlers access the service via the secure portal anytime, anywhere. Instant access and full functionality, exactly when you need it.

Resilience and reliability: As a carrier-class, network-based platform, Inbound Call Management contains no single point of failure and is both logically and geographically resilient. Our service operates from two separate, highly secure national data centres, including a comprehensive range of physical and software redundancies in place. With 99.99% availability, backed by robust SLAs for our core inbound services, we give you confidence that your inbound call handling is in safe hands.

Business continuity built-in: Customer contact points are the main link between businesses and their customers, so it’s vital that they are always operational, especially during your seasonal peaks. Downtime can lead to poor customer experience, lack of consumer confidence and potentially high financial losses. Our service gives you the power to create many types of disaster recovery plans, to help you keep customer satisfaction levels high when the pressure’s on.

Insights and analytics: Our reporting engine gives a wide range of usage data that tells you all you need about how your calling operations are performing, helping you continually enhance and perfect your inbound calling experience. View calls per inbound number or per agent, when agents are logged in, whether they’re engaged on inbound or outbound calls, which campaigns they’re working on and more, including number of calls, abandoned calls and call duration.

End-to-end service from a single provider

If a service involves many different component parts and providers, the failure of any one of these can cause a world of problems. And if no-one has full end-to-end visibility or responsibility, each provider involved can shift blame to the next, which can be both frustrating and damaging to the relationships you have with your customers.

Uni-tel owns and controls every part of the Inbound Call Management platform and proactively monitors the service to ensure it’s always fully operational. Should you need to raise a service issue, all it takes is a single phone call and we’ll take care of it as quickly and effectively as possible, meaning less impact to your callers. We know that happy customers are loyal customers; we’re here to help keep your lines of communication open.

Our service integrates easily with our Fixed Line and Hosted Voice services, while our range of resilient connectivity options and flexible public/private hosting packages mean you only ever need one provider for all your technology needs.




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