4G Network Failover

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How Mobile Failover will benefit your business:

Peace of mind as standard: If your primary connection stops working, your business shouldn’t have to. Our resilient Mobile Failover solution protects productivity and efficiency, and keeps your critical data traffic moving.

No lost payments or revenue: If your business relies on online transactions, network failure can have a huge impact on profitability. Our failover solution prioritises business critical data transmission, such as PDQ/EPOS transactions, so if the worst happens, your transactions are still processed, protecting your revenue streams.

A fully managed service: We’ll take care of your Mobile Failover for you as part of your existing Managed WAN, saving you time and worry, so you can get on with running your business.

Security and control: Automated data usage alerts make sure you stay within your predefined limits, preventing overage charges and helping you quickly identify any misuse of your data allowance.

How Mobile Failover works:

Our simple failover solution works by placing a private SIM card into a compatible router and using mobile data services as a backup to your primary connection.

If your site’s main connection fails, traffic is immediately and automatically redirected to the Mobile Failover, meaning no disruption to critical processes or your customer service experience.

Our SIMs will find the best available carrier service locally available, giving you the strongest possible connection into your Uni-tel Managed WAN.

Peace of mind with a failover solution that will always be ready and waiting to keep your business running.




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