Connectivity Monitoring

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How Sentinel will benefit your business:

Interactive maps: You can see your entire estate and have complete control and visibility over your network by geographical location. More specifically, you can select individual connections and exchanges to easily identify line problems in real-time.

Automatic alerts: You’ll always be in control and the first to know about any line issues or outages before they cause problems. Pre-configurable alerts via SMS, email or phone keep you updated as and when any issues occur.

Guaranteed availability: With fast and reliable performance, hosted on its own dedicated server and backed up by a 99.99% uptime SLA, you can be safe in the knowledge that Sentinel will be monitoring your connections around the clock.

How Sentinel works:

Sentinel provides a clear and concise online dashboard featuring fully interactive connection maps, each updated in real-time, to give you full transparency and control over all your connections.This network monitoring platform enables you to know immediately whether an issue is with the network or site specific. Proactively troubleshoot and manage network performance and drastically reduce the effect of any line outages to your business.

The addition of a user-configurable alert system means you will be aware of any issues or line outages as they occur, minimising unexpected disruption to your business.

Access to first line diagnostics also means that many issues can be resolved without the need to call our support team for help. However, we will always be available in case you need assistance.




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